For use in stir fries the Galangal pieces should be rehydrated by steeping in warm water for five minutes prior to slicing finely across the grain.

What is Galangal? Galangal (Thai - ‘Kha / ???’) is a rhizone native to South East Asia that grows in wet, boggy conditions. It is used extensively in Thai cooking and in Thai traditional medicine. While related to ginger, the flavour of Galangal is unique, with a peppery hotness that gives a strong kick. How to use dried galangal? For most uses in wet dishes the Galangal slices can be added straight into the pot. About four or five pieces will give a good flavour. When used like this the Galangal pieces are left in the pot and not eaten (like Bay Leaves).


Thai Galangal
Thai Gold
Thai Galangal
Net content: 20g
Metal tin box
Thai Food Company Ltd.


Dried Galangal 100%.


Free from Celery
Free from Crustaceans
Free from Eggs
Free from Fish
Free from Gluten
Free from Lupin
Free from Milk
Free from Molluscs
Free from Mustard
Free from Nuts
Free from Peanuts
Free from Sesame
Free from Soybeans
Free from Sulphites


Free from Added Sugar
Free from Artificial Colours
Free from Artificial Flavourings
Free from Artificial Preservatives
Free from Bisphenol A (BPA)
Not certified Fairtrade
Free from GMOs
Suitable for Halal
Free from MSG
Not certified Organic
Recyclable Packaging
Free from Trans Fats
Suitable for Vegan
Suitable for Vegetarian
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